Rozanna Johnson

Rozanna Johnson is an emerging Australian artist living and working in Perth, Western Australia. Her work draws from the visceral conversation between artist and subject. Whether approaching a landscape or portrait, she is concerned with the physicality of creation and the ephemerality of sensation, preferring the haziness of memory over the clarity of pure observation. The resulting works are not so much physical representations, but physical manifestations of the emotional landscapes within.

The process of surface preparation forms an important element in Johnson’s work. Her use of natural fibre such as linen – often cut or torn then pieced together and hand stitched – or the use of reflective materials such as mirror or metal leaf serve as gateways between image and viewer who becomes both an observer of the work, and part of the work itself. The act of sewing marks the passing of time, and is an act that the viewer can imagine himself participating in. Each painting can be seen as more than an image, but as an object of labour - a reflection -  a meditation.

Rozanna Johnson holds a B.A. in Visual Arts from Avondale College, and a B.A. in Design from Curtin University. She has exhibited in both New South Wales and Western Australia, and her works are held in a number of private collections around the country.